Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Challenge accepted.

The dust, extraordinary. Hi, i'm back. Well, it was checking out my old posts, you know, reminding myself of the past. Moving on, what inspired me to get out of my laziness and finally write a blog? Soccernet, a football website decide to publish an interview of Owen which he claimed he still has some to offer to his current club, Manchester United. Personally, non bias opinion, i think he does. At age of 32, a normal "life span" of a striker in Barclay's Premier League, he should still has 2 years. People in the internet who has no football sense or just some kid who just started watching football(does not know the career of Owen) making fun of Owen, saying he is basically expired and should retire. DUDE,WHERE THE FUCK IS YOUR COMMON SENSE? Geez. Owen is just a classic example of a player who lacks of luck.

Let me briefly what Michael Owen is made of, what one striker is all about. Striker is all about goals, scoring goals. Not making one, scoring one. So, how exactly do one compare 2 strikers? Goal scoring ratio per match. Let's start on Owen's personal record for Liverpool, taking just goals in the league into consideration, ratio of 0.54(216matches scoring 118 goals).

Let's admit that every player thirsts for medals,honors and trophies, Owen was no exception. He went to Real Madrid( fuck his life, Liverpool won Champions league 04/05 season) in search of those mentioned. He was not featured in the first 11 as many times as he would have preferred, mainly because there was the great Brazilian Ronaldo and the permanent Raul. No matter how bad Raul performed, it was the politics in the club that kept him the squad. Despite that, Owen came in and did his job.Comparing Raul to Owen as below;

Raul 32 appearances with 9 goals(ratio of 0.28), Michael Owen 36 appearances with 13 goals(ratio of 0.36). Do not forget that Owen most of the time, came out as a substitute(roughly 15 starts). Yes, Raul when he was on form, beautiful touches and goals were made.

And there is Wayne Rooney. It amazed me that people can compare these two players. Oh well, challenge accepted. Since they're both English, let's talk about their international careers.

In England's shirt, Owen with scoring ratio of 0.44(89 matches, 40 goals) compared to Rooney's 0.3(73 matches,28 goals). You might want to argue, in 16 matches, anything can happen. Yeah, with the squad, i think he will struggle to score. He will score nothing when gerrard and lampard retire.

Perhaps, it's a bit harsh to compare their international careers, let's compare them by age and the goals they scored in the league.

Age of 19, Owen scored a whopping 18 goals in 30 matches(ratio of 0.6) while Rooney scored 9 in 34 games(ratio of 0.2).
When Rooney was the age of 24, 2007-2008 in 27 matches he scored 12, ratio of 0.44, in the league. When Owen was the age of 24, 2003-2004 in 29 matches he scored 16, ratio of 0.55, in the league.

You might want to argue, they are both from different "era". Point taken, does Rooney need to face the likes of Martin Keown, Tony Adams, Roy Keane, Ronny Johnson, Viera, Marcel Desailly, Southgate, Roberto Ayala(1998 world cup, argentina) and etc, just to name a few. These players were famous for their no nonsense defending and fierce tackles. Defenders of Rooney's "era" are bunch of jokes to be honest. Skrtel?Terry?Vermaelen?Ledley King?Woodgate? These bunch of clowns cant even clear a ball properly or do a proper tackle(most of the time reckless if not brainless). If anyone of this "era" can compare to a defender back then, perhaps a player of Puyol's class? Whole Manchester United lineup was toyed around. It was as if Barca on playstation. Well, i dont see Rooney scoring in Barca game as well.

One does not simply make fun of Owen or Torres. =)

*stats were from*


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

October ended.

Hey, sorry that i went missing for like a month? Hope you guys are doing fine. October , no doubt is my favorite month of the year. Been having this resolution going to every possible famous DJ events(the ones i like),since i am still very frustrated the fact that i got into house music far too late and the fact that i missed Deadmau5 in Malaysia, yada yada yada anyway. So, if you have been following my blog, i went to DashBerlin, this time is Laidback Luke. 21st of Oct, eve of his birthday and ah soon's -.-" Was kinda torn apart, which one should i go, hmmm.. :D It was held at Zouk KL, and thanks again for making it happen guys.

Laidback Luke!

Actually im very reluctant to post this. They call me Laidback Liew ever since -.-"

I actually slept only 2 hours and i managed to go to work. The hangover...oh my -.-" You can only imagine. Would like to take this opportunity to thank kianhan sueann and dennis for their hospitality. :)

4 days later.

Hansel's surprise birthday party arranged solely by his gf. Another one that i salute, it wasnt easy to get things done, especially obtaining a video of me wishing Hansel happy birthday. LOL.


A video of our coffee bean former member

Most probably confused with kianhan's msg

And we ended October with half of #BU at Overtime Mont Kiara. Originally organised by Lau, but he failed to attend due to sickness. So we drank without him. Oh! Leon and Lynette went back early because Alvin needed to go back early. Pictures were taken when we were having a rest from the drinking game.

Yes, Sean Hooi was there.

On a whole different note, i saw this picture were circulating around facebook. Thought that, it really summarized everything into a single picture. Chong Siew Mee, if you are reading, this picture is for you.



Monday, October 3, 2011

Different point of view.

Read this from bottom till top. =)



Well, that is it for this year, hopefully next year's even better. By far the best birthday i had yet. Thanks for still being here checking up on me. Appreciate much. Those who just happen to be here, thanks for using 5 minutes on my blog.

Thanks for being a part of these activities. Thanks for coming all over from Melaka or Kuantan.

The gang who completed the run.

If you can focus or zoom in whatever way, it says Bieber.
Soo wai and I crossing the finish line. If Soo Wai did not make a mistake, our time was 2 hours and 24 minutes.
Is there such thing as too early to take pics? heh!
I retired early around 12 something, touched down lau's house,straight to the toilet. Lunch's out but not dinner. Hmmm so weird,not by right should be dinner be vomited out? whatever. Slept straight until few hours later, Sean came and woke us up. I thought i couldnt make it to the run, but somehow i felt fresh waking up(wait till 5 minutes later) i went toilet for awhile. Ok then the hangover feeling came -.- But hey, it's a marathon on my birthday, i wont let any hangover prevent me from going. around 5 something in the morning we're there at Sunway Pyramid.

That is why we shouldnt drink too much
Ah miu again. Thanks bro!
Some say unicorn doesnt exist. Hmm..
That's right, yours truly, officially 24.
Li Ann.
Basically rest anywhere i could,Li Ann tried to lift everything she could
Lau offered comfort, but Lisa got none.
Nope,not even licked.
Nope, i was that close. Still no kisses

Li Ann's attempt to carry Hhl. His expression should be the best of October. Oh i was at the back "resting".

You might notice there is a number of pics like this,but no, i got zero kisses on my birthday,day before or even day before.
The girls.

Fat Dennis joined us for the 1st time. May many more to come.
Eekie and Lynette

My cousin.

Ade and Foo
Notice top right corner of this picture. lol
Thanks for the cakes guys. Though i do not remember eating them but ..
"i'm ok. peace!"
Maybe a little water would help
Yet to be able to find the culprit ordering this monster. My ability to focus dropped drastically after that.
Notice when people are abit high,they tend to put their arms around ppl more often. :D
You got a problem? =/
Our routine BU roar. Honestly i had no idea what we were shouting ;)
this one was misleading because pics are not in sequence. Dah half KO.
The group.

I did mention about 3 days of activities right? Day two, 1st October 2011. Mont Kiara OverTime. We intended it to be a light drinking/dinner session and to retire at most 12am. Who are we kidding, with alcohol involved, no such thing as 12am lol. Special thanks to Carmen, my cousin for coming <3 This venue meant something as i remember clearly, the night my ex broke up with me i was here drinking and my cousin told me she broke up too. Oh well, how things have changed? She and I both looked happier, at least from the outside. Maybe we learned to see things from a different point of view, it wasnt an easy lesson, more like we were forced to learn. I announced knocked out on this particular night.

Thanks for coming guys :)

Sleeping buddha? More like smiling.

The scarf and the handbag wasn't mine.

Someone actually was pinching my ass. -_______-"

Infernal affairs 6.

Clearly they got in the way of infernal affairs 6

we call ourselves brokeback walls.
the girls
Ignore my panda eyes.

Ah Miu

Special shoutout to Kian Han and Sue Ann who went back early,thanks for coming.
we were early

First of all,my apologies for not updating for so long. Finally i got a chance to, hey, it was my birthday last week! Weee! That wasnt a happy weeee , a sign of me getting a year older. And yet what have i achieved? Not much actually,but that i shall leave to next post. This is about my birthday, It all starts at 30th September 2011. The gang from Kuantan decided to have a clubbing session on Friday,since we couldnt do it on Saturday and Sunday night. Initial plan was to go Velvet, but it was canceled and we switched to G6 last minute, BU style lol. I was so busy on friday night,i almost was late for my own celebration, but hey all is good.